Why I'm Writing a Food Blog

Long about 5:30 p.m. every weeknight, I have a fantasy. I dream that my kitchen is a sacred place, a vast and holy stainless-steel sanctuary. I enter it unfettered. I mise en place it up; I sauté and deglaze and beurre manié. I emerge (cue music) with a fabulous, from-scratch meal that everyone adores.

That’s the fantasy. My reality involves crazy schedules, financial restraints, dietary concerns, fits over spelling tests and long division, fisticuffs fueled by sibling rivalry, and an almond-appliance-laden, 1970’s-style galley kitchen. Trip over a dinner-hating four-year old building a drum kit out of my good pans as my sloppy joes burn, and the Hallelujah Chorus turns into Whine-a-Palooza, with me singing lead.

Some days are like that.

So how do you balance a family and a tight budget with a love for food? For almost 11 years, in between freelance writing, teaching and catering, I've been trying to work that out. I've brought my friend Jen along for the ride. We hope to share our victories and defeats–and learn from you!