Monday, March 8, 2010

Boneless Western-Style Pork Ribs

It seems like you can find boneless, western-style pork ribs on sale every other week for around a dollar a pound. Last week I picked up a family pack and made two dishes.

Chinese Barbecued Boneless Pork is great to cook and freeze. The boneless ribs are an excellent substitute for the strips of pork butt or shoulder. We slice it thin and toss into fried brown rice or reheat it in barbecue sauce for a quick sandwich.

I used the rest to test drive my friend's pressure cooker. I've never cooked with one. While I'm not excited about the $80-$100 price tag, it did make a delicious mexican-style pork stew with this tougher cut of meat in about 45 minutes total. The cooked chunks of pork shredded quickly, transforming the texture from soup to 'fork-worthy' stew. My boys cleaned out the pan.

Next time I buy this cut, I'll try adapting the pressure cooker recipe to the stovetop or slow-cooker. Or maybe I'll try this chipotle-pork chili.

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